What’s a Tapuio?

This incredible transitional zone called Tapuio, from 300 to 700 meters and from cultivated land to forest, is under attack. Farmers remove the forest, developers fill the clearcut void with noise and bricks, and huntersTapuio Peaks kill.

This beautiful land where bromeliads the size of VW Beetles hide frogs the size of a fingernail, where orchids grow on the trunks of coffee, where in late fall blue skies and green trees rain passionfruit and avocados, Tapuio is dying, leaf by leaf, frog by frog.

In the mornings I watch the sun rise and burn out of the Atlantic 1300 feet below while jacupembas hurl themselves from the tops of trees and scream laughing.

On cool rainy nights I sit at the edge of the porch hunched up with the frogs to watch in awe the miracle of rain.

You can visit me here on this mountainside.

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Get in touch! Whatsapp: +55 28 99257 7205  Facetime: tayo65000@gmail.com  I’ll let you know what’s going on!

You can see some images of Tapuio here. You can find t-shirts and other items here, and here for Brazilians.

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