Happy Equinox

Fall doesn’t really start until tomorrow.

But of course, it’s already fall and the morning is beautiful. The sky is dark and furiously cloudy with the occasional sunburst flashing through as millions of tiny raindrops fill the air, each drop individual
and distinctly visible.

My cat also loves this morning, bounding like a little kitten from corner to wall to countertop, eyes wide, his little panther heart beating joy from his eartips to his tail:
Summer is dead.

(He wanted to go out earlier, needed to, but didn’t want to squat alone in the rain so I went out
into this fall rain with him and urinated into the pepper plants while he squatted under the basil.)

Many people think there are no seasons in the tropics. They think it’s always hot.
They are wrong.
And today, the sky is gray and white and the ground is green and the air is wet and I am happy.


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