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This just out: Unemployment is bad for your health!images-10

Actually, I don’t think that is anything we didn’t already know. Stress, bad food, more stress, sleep deprivation, more stress. It will kill you. As will the idea that you are getting older and nothing seems to be working out.

It is horrible to hit your 30s, 40s, 50s, find your self suddenly unemployed, and realize, nobody is going to hire you. Or that your educational background isn’t what the job market is looking for. Or that the job you are in is dull, lifeless, choking you.

There are options.

One option is Brazil. Currently, Brazil is eagerly welcoming qualified foreign workers to its workforce. Residency and work permit requirements have been relaxed to allow this foreign workforce easier access to the job market.


With a growing economy, Brazil is truly a land of opportunity.

But there is one thing: Brazilians speak Portuguese. If you want a job here, you need to speak the language.

If you are interested in coming to Brazil, learning Portuguese, and checking out the job market, let me know. I can help.

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