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If I could simply stay in Tapuio without worrying about such minor things as eating and dressing myself, I’d be fine. But I do eat, and I do wear clothes. And my house needs repairs, and my motorcycle needs work. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Life isn’t free, apparently.

Currently I teach English and French. This keeps me away from Tapuio. My goal is to develop a means of earning money and spending more time/staying in Tapuio, repairing my home (acquiring more of Tapuio — a dream!).

I hope soon to be able to offer products from Tapuio itself, such as cocoa, cinnamon, cloves, soursop leaves, etc. All this is in the works. I hope to be able to roll out something by the end of (the Brazilian) summer or early fall, sometime in March or April. I hope to be able to provide such wonderful items as turmeric, lemon grass, cinnamon leaves, and cocoa beans. If I’m able, maybe even dried chiles.

Eventually I hope to be able to offer even oils and jellies made in Tapuio.

All of this takes time, money, and a lot of work. At the moment, I simply don’t have the means to dedicate much of any of the three to developing this. (Nor do I have any associates or partners — if anybody is interested….)

In the meantime, I do have the Zazzle line of designs, all based on the leaves and flowers and patterns found in Tapuio. I really wish I had the time to devote to creating and designing more designs, but I must still devote the lion’s share of my time to teaching the fine art of correct conjugation to my wonderful students.

I also have a second house in Tapuio, so if anyone is interested in spending time there, let

Casa Pauline, rustic comfort when you need to get away.
Casa Pauline, rustic comfort when you need to get away.

me know. It’s not too expensive (air fare not included). It’s set back in the woods, quite rustic, monkeys in the surrounding trees, and a small waterfall providing a lovely soundtrack day and night, perfect for someone with a desire to escape, find a quiet place to do some work, or simply recover from an excessive workload.

So if you’re interested, drop me a line.

You should also drop me a line if you see a design you like, but not on the product you want. Zazzle is great because it lets you personalize and apply one design to many items. Sometimes, however, the design needs tweaking to make it work. Let me know and I’ll gladly do the tweaking.

By the way, Zazzle uses a robot translator and because some of the items I post have descriptions originally in Portuguese (for my Brazilian customers), the translations can be rather odd. Ignore the stuff that makes no sense.

UPDATE: I’ve returned to Tapuio full time but I still devote most of my time to teaching. Soon I’ll be able to do more…. 


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