What to do for the holidays

So you’ve got some time off, tired of the cold, and wondering what to do.

Why not come to Tapuio?

Summer’s coming on here, meaning warm days and cool nights at this mountain getaway. Tucked into a little spot of forest at 1300 feet, you’ll have amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean below, clear night skies filled with sweeps of stars and fireflies, breathtaking sunrises, and luxurious quiet.

Beautiful sunrises!
Beautiful sunrises!

Explore the forest, catch up on your reading, doze lazily in a hammock under mango trees. Go bird and animal watching. Do some painting, finish that novel, work in a tropical garden, or simply sleep in the quiet of a car free, television free  world.

It can be what you want.

It can be simple.

Your presence also benefits Tapuio. It is a dwindling forest in transition. Predation by hunters and farmers has significantly reduced the flora and fauna of the area. Your presence deters illegal deforestation and poaching. As long as you are there, they won’t come around. So as you rest, you also give the forest a chance to rest.

What a beautiful arrangement!

So what do you say? Interested?

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